Why Your Commercial Property Needs A Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractor

As commercial property managers and owners plan for the future, they’re facing a new challenge: keeping up with the electric vehicle (EV) boom. By 2025, experts predict that 25% of all new cars sold will be electric.

This blog post will guide you through the importance of having a specialized Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractor to meet this growing demand efficiently and safely. Stay plugged in to learn why it’s crucial for your property.

Key Takeaways

  • By 2025, about 25% of all new cars sold will be electric, making it essential for commercial properties to have EV charging stations.
  • Government mandates now require new buildings to be prepared for EV charger installations, highlighting the importance of being ahead in green building and sustainable transportation efforts.
  • Hiring a specialized Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractor like M.T. Kelley Electric ensures expert installation, access to the latest technology, and alignment with decarbonization goals.
  • Contractors offer comprehensive services including site design, obtaining quick and accurate quotes, and ensuring installations meet all safety codes and regulations.
  • Having an EV charging station not only attracts eco-conscious customers but also positions your property as modern and forward-thinking.

The Growing Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As 2025 approaches, the shift towards electric vehicles accelerates, creating a surge in the need for charging stations across commercial properties. This trend is further propelled by government mandates which require new constructions to be EV-ready, underscoring the importance of integrating EV charging infrastructure into commercial spaces.

25% of vehicles sold will be electric by 2025

The shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) is picking up speed, with projections showing that one in every four cars sold will be electric by 2025. This trend highlights a significant turning point in consumer preferences and underscores the rising demand for EV charging infrastructure.

Commercial property managers and facility owners stand at the forefront of this change, making it crucial to integrate EV charging stations into their premises.

Adapting to this transition means not only keeping pace with technological advancements but also positioning properties as modern, sustainable, and forward-thinking. Installing EV charging stations attracts eco-conscious customers and tenants, creating a competitive edge in the market.

Moreover, such upgrades align with global moves towards decarbonization and support environmental sustainability goals. For businesses looking to cater to the next wave of vehicle technology, now is the time to consider adding reliable EV charging solutions.

Government mandates for EV ready construction

Governments are setting the pace by requiring that new buildings have the necessary setup for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). This mandate ensures commercial properties are prepared to install EV charging stations.

As a result, businesses must adapt their construction plans to include the infrastructure needed for both current and future demands of electric mobility. These regulations highlight the importance of being ahead in green building initiatives and support the transition toward sustainable transportation options.

Complying with these mandates not only aligns commercial properties with federal and state laws but also positions them as leaders in environmental stewardship. Property managers and facility owners now find themselves looking into EV charger installation services more than ever before.

By acting early, they can avoid potential penalties and capitalize on incentives aimed at boosting electrification efforts across cities and states. This proactive approach towards EV ready construction demonstrates a commitment to sustainability while ensuring readiness for the increasing adoption of electric cars among consumers.

The Benefits of Having a Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractor

Hiring an electric vehicle charging station contractor brings unmatched expertise to your project. They ensure your commercial property stays ahead with fast, efficient EV charger installations.

Expertise and knowledge in EV charging station installation

Expertise and knowledge in EV charging station installation play critical roles in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of electric vehicle infrastructure on your commercial property.

Experienced electrical engineers and technicians from companies like M.T. Kelley Electric bring deep understanding to the table. They know how to handle the complexities of installing various types of EV chargers, including fast chargers and DC fast chargers.

Their skills prevent potential hazards such as fires or electrocution by ensuring all installations are properly grounded and comply with current standards.

Selection of the right contractor allows for seamless integration into existing power management systems while optimizing for smart charging capabilities. These professionals not only follow best practices but also stay updated on codes and regulations specific to electric vehicle infrastructure.

Partnering with knowledgeable experts ensures that every aspect of your EV charging project aligns with industry norms for safety, quality, and performance efficiency. With their help, you can transform your commercial space into a forward-thinking hub that supports e-mobility sustainably.

Ability to quickly and accurately provide quotes

M.T. Kelley Electric stands out in the electric vehicle (EV) charging station contractor field for its rapid and precise quoting process. Their team understands that time is money for commercial property managers and facility owners.

By providing swift yet accurate estimates, they help expedite decision-making processes. This efficiency ensures projects move forward without undue delay, a crucial factor when meeting government mandates on EV ready construction or tapping into renewable energy incentives.

This capability reflects a commitment to supporting decarbonization efforts and promoting clean energy solutions within the commercial sector. Property managers can count on these contractors not just for installation but also for navigating the intricate wiring and regulations associated with DC fast-charging stations, ensuring all electrical aspects are expertly handled.

Access to EV charging resources and power management capabilities

Choosing the right EV charging station contractor gives you unparalleled access to top-notch charging resources and advanced power management capabilities. These experts ensure your commercial property is equipped with the latest technology in EV stations.

They provide guidance on selecting the best charger type while ensuring your setup meets all safety codes and standards. This level of expertise simplifies the complex process of integrating electric vehicle charging into existing electricity grids at commercial sites.

Having a professional by your side also means tapping into smart energy distribution techniques essential for managing multiple charging points efficiently. Contractors like M.T. Kelley design comprehensive systems that anticipate future demands, preventing overloads and optimizing power use across your property’s entire electrical network.

With their deep knowledge, they can tailor installations that not only support today’s electric vehicles but are also ready for tomorrow’s advancements. Their partnership with industry leaders ensures your investment in EV technology supports sustainable growth and positions your property as a leader in environmental responsibility.

Aligns with the push for decarbonization and clean energy solutions

Installing EV charging stations at your commercial property propels you to the forefront of the decarbonization movement. By offering this clean energy solution, you not only meet the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure but also contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions.

This move towards sustainable solutions shows your commitment to environmental responsibility, attracting eco-conscious tenants and customers alike while utilizing cutting-edge technology from leading names like ChargePoint and LEED-certified practices.

The Role of M. T. Kelley Electric as a Trusted Contractor in the EV Charging Industry

M.T. Kelley Electric stands out in the EV charging industry, bringing unparalleled expertise and reliability to every commercial property project they tackle. Learn more about how they can electrify your space.

Comprehensive training and support from industry experts

Industry experts at M.T. Kelley Electric provide comprehensive training and support for EV charging station installations. Their teams bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring your commercial property is equipped with the latest in EV technology.

These professionals stay updated on all regulations and advanced techniques, guaranteeing high-quality installations that meet current standards.

Support doesn’t stop after installation. Both companies offer ongoing assistance to manage any challenges that arise from your EV charging stations. They use trusted parts and materials, emphasizing durability and efficiency in their work.

With these industry leaders, you gain access to a network of support that helps maintain top performance of your electric vehicle infrastructure, making it a smooth experience for facility owners and property managers alike.

Expertise in regulations and codes for charging stations

Understanding the complex regulations and codes related to EV charging stations is crucial for commercial property managers. M.T. Kelley Electric stands out by ensuring every project aligns with these vital standards, guaranteeing safety and quality in installation.

Their team dives deep into the specific requirements set by national and local authorities, making sure your property meets all legal obligations.

Their wide-ranging expertise also extends to working closely with Charge Point Operators around LA, advising on the most suitable charger types while taking care of system maintenance needs.

This comprehensive approach not only simplifies compliance but also optimizes your EV charging network’s performance, securing a future-proof investment for your commercial site.

Experience in site design and installation for optimal performance

Tiger Electric specializes in the meticulous planning and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, ensuring each project meets high-performance standards. The team’s vast experience allows them to expertly navigate site-specific challenges, laying out a design that maximizes both efficiency and usability for electric vehicles.

From selecting optimal locations within commercial properties to integrating the latest in EV charging technology, their approach focuses on delivering installations that stand the test of time.

Their skilled electrical engineers and technicians bring precision to every step of the installation process. Utilizing only premium materials that adhere to strict safety standards, Tiger Electric crafts EV charging solutions tailored to each property’s unique layout and power needs.

This dedication not only enhances site functionality but also contributes significantly toward sustainability goals by supporting clean energy usage in electric vehicles.

Conclusion: Why Choose M. T. Kelley Electric for Your Commercial Property’s EV Charging Needs?

Electric vehicles are zooming into the future, and M.T. Kelley Electric ensures your commercial property is ready. With their deep knowledge in EV charging station installation, they offer quick quotes and access to advanced power management capabilities.

They align with clean energy goals while guaranteeing safety and performance excellence in every project. As leaders in the field, they provide comprehensive training and support along with a commitment to high-quality work.

Your property benefits from their expertise in design and regulatory compliance, making it an optimal choice for EV infrastructure needs. Leap into the electric future confidently with M.T.

Kelley Electric by your side, paving the way for sustainable progress on your commercial premises.


1. What does an EV charging station contractor do?

An EV charging station contractor installs and maintains electric vehicle (EV) stations by connecting them to the distribution network, ensuring property owners can offer charging services.

2. Why should I add an EV charging station to my commercial property?

Adding an EV charging station attracts more customers with electric vehicles, potentially increasing business as the demand for electric car batteries and convenient charging options grows.

3. How does installing an EV station benefit from artificial intelligence (AI)?

Using AI with your EV chargers helps manage power distribution smartly between multiple chargers, optimizing electricity use while offering faster services based on alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC).

4. Can adding a charging station affect my auto insurance rates for the property?

While offering new services like EV stations might change how insurers view your commercial property risk profile, it also shows you’re adopting green technologies which could positively impact your premiums.

5. What role does New York State Energy Research and Development Authority play in installing an EV Charging Station?

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority may offer guidance or financial incentives for businesses looking to install Ev Charging Stations, encouraging environmentally friendly upgrades within commercial properties.

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