5 Signs Your Business May Be In Need Of Commercial Electrical Services

How safe is the electrical system you rely on for operating your business?

Faulty electrical equipment is the second most common cause of office fires. If you were to have a fire at your business, it could cause catastrophic damage. A fire would also put you and your employees in danger.

A fire isn’t usually the first sign you need commercial electrical services.

Join us as we discuss five telltale signs that your business needs help solving electrical problems. By identifying these signs early on, you can reduce risks, protect your assets, and maintain a secure working environment.

1. Frequent Power Outages Require Commercial Electrical Services

Frequent power outages can be a major headache for businesses. They cause disruptions and hinder productivity. Potential causes for frequent outages include overloaded circuits and faulty wiring.

Identifying the exact cause requires the expertise of a professional.

commercial electrician is who you call to inspect the electrical system. They’ll check for underlying issues and malfunctions. The inspection helps pinpoint the root cause of frequent power outages.

Repairs may include fixing faulty wiring and replacing damaged components.

Be careful to call the right type of electrician. There’s a difference between residential and business electricians. In a similar way to what doctors do, electricians usually specialize in one of the other types of service.

Beyond your electrical system lies the grid. Problems in the electrical grid can also cause frequent power outages.

Your utility service should take care of grid issues. That doesn’t mean you can’t play a role in troubleshooting.

Your electrician can help by identifying and reporting potential grid problems.

2. Circuit Overloading

Circuit overload occurs when the electrical load on a circuit exceeds its capacity. This can happen for various reasons.

Sometimes, there are too many devices connected to a single circuit. You may have too many computers, printers, and other office equipment relying on the same circuit. The dangerous thing is that you might not even realize the demand you’re putting on each electrical circuit.

Your business equipment itself can also overload circuits. High-wattage equipment is a common culprit. Without proper load distribution, you’re putting your system at risk of circuit overload.

Overloaded circuits have several potential consequences.

One common consequence is tripped circuit breakers. Overloaded circuits can generate excessive heat. This leads to overheating of wires, outlets, or electrical panels, which poses a fire risk.

Commercial electrical services play a vital role in addressing circuit overloading issues.

First, the electrician will assess the capacity of your electrical system. They will then determine if the circuits can handle the load requirements. If you don’t have the right-sized circuits, you’re at risk for frequent overload.

Your electrician may find that you need to upgrade the circuits. It’s also possible you need to install more electrical panels.

3. Burning Smells or Strange Odors

Never ignore your nose. Burning smells or strange odors are warning signs of potential electrical issues. These smells can range from burning, melting plastic, and distinct chemical odors.

Regardless of the specific smell, it is crucial to take these signs seriously. An electrician will investigate their source and make repairs promptly.

What would cause burning smells in the electrical system? One contributor is faulty wiring. Damaged or frayed wires can generate heat or sparks, resulting in a burning smell.

Ignoring smells can lead to severe consequences, including fires. An electrical fire can cause extensive property damage. Even if a fire doesn’t damage property, it can still disrupt your daily business operations.

You need an expert who can identify the source of the smells and take measures to rectify the issue. That’s where a professional electrician can help.

4. Buzzing Sounds

Buzzing sounds and underlying electrical issues go together. It’s a bad idea to ignore sounds coming from electrical outlets or switches.

Several factors can contribute to buzzing sounds.

One common cause is faulty wiring. Loose or damaged wires create electrical resistance, leading to vibrations and buzzing.

Have you noticed a theme here? Wiring issues are a common cause for many of the signs covered in this article.

Loose connections in outlets or switches can also generate buzzing sounds. The buzz is the noise electricity makes as it jumps across gaps. Worn out electrical components may also produce buzzing sounds.

Addressing buzzing sounds promptly is crucial for safety reasons. If you ignore the noise, you risk the following:

  • Electrical shorts
  • Damaged components
  • Inadequate electrical capacity
  • Electrical fires

Contact a commercial electrician to diagnose the source of the buzzing sounds. A professional has the expertise needed to quickly eliminate the noise.

5. Outdated Electrical Systems

Do you know the age of your electrical system? An outdated electrical system poses a significant risk to your business.

Old equipment doesn’t only create safety hazards. You also risk non-compliance with current electrical codes and regulations.

Aging electrical systems often have outdated wiring and components. It’s like an aging person. Both struggle to meet power demands.

Outdated components also increase the likelihood of electrical failures. They can cause short-circuiting and potential electrical fires.

Using Commercial electrical services plays a vital role in the safety of your electrical system.

Professional electricians handle rewiring and panel upgrades. They can also install energy-efficient lighting and other modernized electrical components.

Commercial electrical contractors know the ins-and-outs of electrical codes. They know violations can cost their clients money and potential downtime. As such, commercial electricians keep up-to-date on local and national codes.

When you transition to a modern, code-compliant electrical system, you take a vital step forward. The result is a safer workplace. You’ll also boost the overall productivity of your business.

Don’t get caught off-guard by an outdated electrical system.

Tip: Scheduling regular maintenance is the wisest thing you can do. During routine maintenance visits, your electrician can identify old equipment before it creates disruption and safety hazards.

Who Do You Call for Commercial Electrical Services?

Electrical problems at your business are not things you can ignore. If you notice any of the signs we’ve covered here today, it’s time to seek professional help.

Contact M.T. Kelley Electric for all your commercial electrical services.

We’ve served Chicagoland businesses for over 25 years. Our team works hard to diagnose and resolve electrical issues, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for your business to thrive.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take action now to safeguard your business.

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