Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractors Tips For Max Quality

As of early 2023, there are more than 3 million electric vehicles out on the road in the U.S. There are also 130,000 electric vehicle charging stations situated throughout the country.

Are you a property manager who is interested in installing an EV charging station outside of your commercial building? If so, you’re going to need to hire a qualified electric vehicle charging station contractor to help you.

But when you go to hire a contractor to assist you with an EV charging station installation, you aren’t going to want to simply Google “electric vehicle charging station contractors near me.” You’ll want to conduct a more thorough search so that you’re only considering the best contractors around.

Here is a guide on how to locate a trusted electric vehicle charging station contractor who can provide you with quality installation and maintenance services.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractors: Make a List

As we just touched on, you aren’t going to want to just Google “EV charging station contractors near me” and pick the first option that appears. But there isn’t anything wrong with doing a search like this to set yourself up with a long list of options.

You should Google “EV charging station contractors near me” and write down the names of any and all companies that can help you. You should also jot down contact information for them along with their websites.

By doing this, you’ll put yourself in a position to separate the best contractors from the pack. You can discover more about EV charging station contractors before choosing the one you’d like to work with most.

Research Each Contractor

When you’re done compiling a list of EV charging station contractors, you can move on to doing your homework on each one. To do this, you should visit the websites for contractors and check out their “About Us” pages.

On these pages, you’ll be able to find out things like:

  • How long they’ve been in business
  • When they started installing EV charging stations
  • Which areas they serve
  • And so much more

The more you’re able to learn about different EV charging station contractors, the easier it’ll be for you to narrow down your options. It won’t be long before your original list is left with just a fraction of the total number of names that were on it before.

Read Reviews for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractors

Just about every electric vehicle charging station contractor is going to make it look like they’re your best option when you’re on their website. It’s why you shouldn’t rely solely on a contractor’s website to find out more about them.

It would also be worth reading through as many online reviews for EV charging station contractors as you can. These reviews will reveal what you can expect it to be like when you work with different contractors.

The last thing you ever want to do is begin working with an electric vehicle charging station contractor, only to later discover that they have a terrible reputation among other property managers. It’ll make you regret not reading through reviews in the first place.

Look At Contractors’ Past Projects

Many EV charging station contractors will put photos of their past projects up for all to see. If you’re able to find these photos on a contractor’s website, you shouldn’t be afraid to look through them.

You’ll be able to see all the different jobs that an electric vehicle charging station contractor has worked on over time. It’ll give you a much better sense of what approach they take to quality when installing EV charging stations.

Compare Contractors’ Costs

Any time you’re going to hire a contractor to do anything for your commercial operation, you shouldn’t just accept the first price you get for their services. It’s also worth shopping around to try to get the best possible price.

This will be especially true when it comes to EV charging stations. You’re going to be making a sizeable investment in these charging stations. So you should try to do whatever it takes to save a little money, which might mean calling around to a handful of contractors to see which ones offer the best prices.

Comparing contractors’ costs for EV charging station installation services is going to be time-consuming. But it’ll also make it so much simpler for you to hire a contractor that’s going to fit into your preferred budget.

Consider Contractors’ Customer Service

You’re going to spend a decent amount of time communicating with an electric vehicle charging station contractor. For this reason, they’re going to need to extend the best customer service to you.

This should start from the very beginning. As soon as you reach out to an EV charging station contractor, they should welcome you in with open arms and provide you with all the information you need.

If a contractor makes you feel like an afterthought from the start, you’re not going to have a great experience with them. You deserve to be treated with more respect and should only work with a contractor who realizes that.

Let Us Be Your Electric Vehicle Charging Station Contractor

Installing EV charging stations on your commercial property is a fantastic idea. It’s going to help you cater to those living in and/or using your commercial building who drive electric vehicles.

M. T. Kelley Electric L.L.C. is the electric vehicle charging station contractor you can count on. We’ve worked with many property managers in the past and can provide you with a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Contact us today to get more information on our EV charging station installation and maintenance services.

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