The Importance of a Commercial Backup Generator Installation

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), power outages cost U.S. businesses around $150 billion per year. In any industry, even a short-term outage can result in a costly amount of downtime. 

With a commercial backup generator installation, you can rest assured that your mission-critical projects will not suffer, even in the event of severe weather. This is a smart way to invest in the longevity of your company, as well as your employee morale, customer satisfaction, and business reputation.

Today, we’re sharing a few of the top reasons to learn more about these systems, and how to get started today. 

What Is a Commercial Backup Generator?

A commercial backup generator is a standby generator designed to keep your power on and your business open during a power outage. Technicians will install these units on the exterior of your building, similar to an HVAC unit. If your facility loses power for any reason, your backup generator will turn on automatically within seconds. 

Your backup generator will run on either propane or natural gas, ensuring that you always have plenty of fuel. It operates whether your business is open or closed, delivering power to all of your essential hard-wired systems, including:

  • Computers and servers
  • A/C and heating systems
  • Security systems 
  • Freezers and refrigerators

Without a backup generator in place, these systems would cease to operate during a power failure. This could cause irreparable damage to your business. Not only could it harm your physical hardware and components, but it could also render your employees unable to work, leaving partners and customers dissatisfied. 

Reasons to Invest in One Today

While a power outage from weather is the most common scenario, there are other issues that could interrupt your power supply and cause your facility systems to fail. These include:

  • Falling trees
  • Human error
  • Vehicle interference
  • Animal interference
  • System overload

When you have a commercial backup generator ready to go, you don’t have to worry about losing power after any type of interference. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to schedule an installation as soon as possible. 

Prevent Downtime

There are several expensive problems that can occur during an unplanned power outage. These include:

  • Lost business
  • Disruptions to productivity
  • Time-consuming remediation efforts

Even if the outage is short-lived, it can take a while to get all of your systems back online once the power is back on. That interim time matters, and can have expensive consequences. 

According to one survey, 91% of businesses say a single house of downtime that takes critical server hardware and applications offline costs them an average of more than $300,000. A commercial backup generator allows your teams to keep working so they can avoid these roadblocks. 

Protect Business Data

Across your enterprise, there are systems that contain valuable, confidential business data. If these systems lose power, you run the risk of losing those records, especially if they were not saved offline. 

Protecting business data is a top concern across organizations, and can go a long way toward building employee trust. If you maintain sensitive information about your customers or partners, you also need to ensure you’re keeping those records safe. With a backup generator, you don’t have to worry about losing or potentially exposing any files if the power goes out. 

Maintain Customer Contact

What would your customers do if they were unable to reach your company? What if they couldn’t call your customer service team with an inquiry or reach out to tech support?

In today’s Digital Era, customers expect companies to be “on” around the clock. If your team is suddenly unavailable, it could impact your ability to maintain customer contact and provide critical support. 

For some, this could be a mere inconvenience. For others, it could have far-reaching consequences in terms of productivity, reputation, and strategic partnerships. With a generator, you can be there for those who need you, and keep those lines of communication open. 

This helps you establish a reputation as a responsible, responsive business. It sends a clear message that you prioritize your external stakeholders and want to make sure you’re reachable at all times. 

Protect Perishables

There are certain industries that deal primarily with perishable goods, especially those in the food and beverage sector. When those facilities lose power, they could also lose an extensive amount of inventory. 

By connecting your refrigerator and freezer systems to a backup commercial generator, you can preserve them even if an emergency strikes. 

Prevent Malfunctions or Failures

When the power goes out, it could cause certain machines to break down. A malfunction or failure is not only frustrating, but it can also put your on-site employees and customers in immediate danger. 

A commercial backup generator protects those systems and helps to prevent them from failing. It also conserves the intricate components within them, saving you time and money on replacements down the road. 

Keep Security Up and Running

Most commercial businesses rely on some type of advanced security system to protect the premises. If your location loses power, those systems could be forced offline, which could expose your buildings to theft, trespassing, and vandalism. 

By installing a backup generator on-site, you can protect those systems from a disruption in service. They will remain on high alert, no matter what type of external circumstances are happening. 

Is It Time for a Commercial Backup Generator Installation?

Whether you’re at the helm of a small-to-midsized business or an expansive enterprise, it’s important to conserve your assets, protect your team members, and preserve your company’s reputation. 

A backup generator helps you maintain productivity and uptime, even when disaster strikes. If a power failure occurs for any reason, you don’t have to sacrifice performance at any point. 

Now that you know a little more about why these systems are so important, are you ready to learn more about pursuing a commercial backup generator installation at your own company? If so, contact us today to connect. 

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