The Benefits of Retrofitting Your Home or Business with LED Lights

One of the most frustrating feelings is when you are about to start your shift, only to enter a room, flip on the lights, and a bulb pops. This is even worse if you do not have any replacements, or the ones you have are the wrong size. So, how can you avoid this and ensure your illumination is longer-lasting?

It might be time to retrofit your lights with LEDs to improve your commercial property. Though, maybe you are still asking “What are the benefits of LED lights anyway?”. This article will answer that query and more.

Better Commercial Lighting Quality

LED retrofitting involves replacing many of the traditional bulbs in your property with modern LEDs. This not only involves changing the bulbs themselves but often the fittings they sit in too. It can improve visibility for both your employees and visitors by offering a brighter ambiance to the location.

The range of uses for LEDs is much wider too, for example, you could apply LED strips, or place them as hidden underlighting. LEDs also offer a lot more light dispersion than bulbs. This can help to reduce the number of dark spots and shadows in your building and help create a more professional space.

Having a well-lit office then not only has utility value. It can also improve the mood of those working in the area, as well as your visitors. People with a better outlook will then be more competent when making decisions, especially in creative roles.

Longer Lifespan

LED retrofitting means replacing all, or most, of the bulbs in a system with LED lighting. One of the major boons when it comes to this is a drastic increase in how long the lighting lasts before it needs maintenance. LEDs are famous for their longevity, and as such you will not need to pay as much over time to get an electrician in to repair or replace them.

As LEDs are made of rigid plastic, instead of the glass of bulbs, they will also stand up to physical shock better. You do not need to worry about vibrations, impacts, or other sudden changes in an area. Even large temperature swings are less likely to make an impact on how long the lighting lasts.

A lack of worry for wear and tear means you can then run your business for longer into the night. People can burn the midnight oil without worrying about a bulb blowing and being unable to change it.

Reduced Energy Use

Compared to bulbs, LED retrofits use much less energy over time. The reason for this is that they do not lose a lot of energy as heat, like bulbs do, ensuring more goes into light production instead. This gives you options on how to use this re-attained resource.

First, you could invest that saving into increasing the amount of lighting you use in your building. This might give your employees more visibility and an easier time working. It may not always be necessary, though.

The other option is to enjoy the savings your business has made. If necessary, you can even invest it back into the office.

By reducing the energy you use, you also contribute to the conservation of electricity. This means you are helping create a greener planet for everyone, or at least you can investigate tax breaks for greener businesses.

Less Bulb Waste

With fewer bulb breakages, you do not need to concern yourself with disposing of fragile and dangerous glass. As popped bulbs can cause problems for anyone in their immediate vicinity, you will also be less likely to need to invoke health and safety.

Even if an LED strip does break, it is a lot safer than with a glass bulb. As well as the glass shards mentioned above, you will not need to concern yourself with hazardous things like the mercury in a traditional bulb.

Contemporary Appeal

Modern LED lighting tends to appeal much better to many people. It can create the general ambiance of a welcoming and wakeful business.

Bright white light also gives off an aura of professional and up-front interactions. This can help you and your customers understand each other on the same level.

If you instead continue to use bulbs, you no longer promote yourself as a forward-thinking business. These days, people often associate bulbs with decadent and old ways of working. Instead, create a brand image that shows you as an industry leader who knows what they are doing in the modern world.

Even if you are not interested in drawing in a younger customer crowd, having a brighter and more attractive business can still help. It allows you to appeal to a wider range of people when you need to think about hiring. It also ensures you have good lighting if you have an aging customer base who might need help with vision.

Safer Electronics

Due to the reduced heat emitted from LEDs, they are a much lower fire hazard than traditional bulbs. The accidental placement of paper or cloth on an LED bulb is thus much less likely to cause a hazard.

The general reliability of LEDs also helps when it comes to creating a safer workplace. They are less prone to electrical failures and even turn on faster compared to many other eco-friendly bulbs.

Due to the lack of flickering you tend to get with LED bulbs, or “buzzing” like with strobe lights, your employees are also less likely to suffer headaches. At the same time, they do not “buzz” or “hum” like other lights. This gives your employees more comfort in the office and makes them more willing to work in the area.

Get Someone to Retrofit Your Lights For You

These are all very good reasons why you should retrofit your lights in the near future and may have convinced you to do so. Still, it would be best if you brought in a professional to get it done, as a DIY job might end up more hassle than it’s worth.

Here at M. T. Kelley, we have professionals ready to install anything from a single LED bulb to a full electrical system. So, give us a call for a quote today.

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